Gori Propellers

Design and manufacture some of the world’s most efficient and manoeuvrable folding propellers for yachts.

GORI Propeller  design and manufacture some of the world’s most efficient and manoeuvrable folding propellers for yachts.

First introduced on the world market in 1975, GORI Propeller has gone on to build a reputation without parallel throughout the industry due to its low water resistance, effective manoeuvrability, and the patented single drive, and overdrive technologies. GORI Propeller supplies a full range of folding propellers and custom-made propellers for commercial projects all over the world.

The 3-blade Gori folding propeller's "overdrive" function adds a new dimension to sailing under power. The helmsman can choose the propeller pitch and profile in the water while sailing forward, by regulating the yacht's shift and throttle control. Without the use of vulnerable hydraulics or complicated mechanical devices.

The function is simple. E.g. when changing from "overdrive" to normal ahead the shift and throttle control is set in neutral, which allows the propeller to fold. Then the shift and throttle control is set in forward again.

Folding propellers have been reserved for small and medium size sailboats with moderate engine power. They have been able to obtain under sail the extra speed the folding propeller allows by the minimum drag.

Geared Blades

The geared blade design ensures blades open and close together giving less vibration ahead and astern. Under sail blades close simultaneously removing the need for elastic bands.


The "overdrive" is used when motorsailing in fair weather or when using the engine under sail. The "overdrive" gives the same speed at lower rpms. The result is less engine noise, less vibration and better fuel economy.


Tests by major yachting magazines have shown that the 3-blade Gori folding propeller has a much better efficiency both forward (+11%) and reverse (+6,5%) than a feathering propeller.

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With 2, 3, 4 blade as well as racing propellers available, we have you covered!

The 3-blade Gori folding propeller brings these advantages within the reach of larger sailboats and motorsailers. The extra speed under sail is substantial. The design prevents seaweed etc. fouling on the propeller. A further potential for optimum speed.

Tests have shown that the efficiency of the 2-blade Gori propeller in reverse is equal to or better than most 2- or 3-bladed fixed, feathering and folding propellers. The Gori propeller gives you the optimum thrust in reverse by virtue of its propeller blade shape and profile, and does not rely solely on the centrifugal force to open the blades as do many other folding propeller types.

The propeller revolution for larger sailboats and motorsailers is emphasized by the fact that the 3-blade Gori folding propeller can be used for boats fitted with engines from approximately 10 HP (7 KW) and up to approximately 300 HP (221 KW), and the power transfer is on the whole the same as for fixed 3-blade propellers. The design of the Gori propeller results in minimum noise and vibration, which is often a problem for the well-known types of feathering propellers.

The 3-blade Gori folding propeller is offered in diameters from 15" and up to 30".

The racing series of folding propellers is offered to racing yachtsmen all-over the world in 7 sizes ranging from 30 footers to Maxi Raters, and for shaft installation as well as for Sail-drive and Hydrodrive.

The 4-blade Gori folding propeller has the same advantages, as the 3-blade Gori folding propeller with Overdrive. The 4-blade propeller has been developed for big sailing boats with engine over 150 hp.